Don’t Ruin the Aesthetics of Your New Kitchen By Choosing the Wrong Appliances

By | March 2, 2017

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, appliances are a big deal. Of course, the options will become smaller based on the dimensions of the kitchen. However, there are still a lot to choose from which can be very overwhelming, as appliances are one of the most (if not the most) important decisions in a kitchen remodel. While it can be fun, you must be sure that you keep function in mind first. For example, if you have a family, you may want to opt for a larger fridge rather than the sleek, modern one. Decide how the appliances will affect the traffic in the room. Here is a great checklist to keep in mind when appliance shopping.

  1. Be sure to budget. You should spend about 9% of the total renovation budget on appliances such as the oven and refrigerator.
  2. Plan around the appliances. For example, to save a few thousand dollars, keep the appliances where the are in terms of connecting to the utilities such as the electric, water and gas. Don’t move plumbing and whatnot. It is very expensive to move those things around. Plan major renovations around the current location of appliance spaces. 
  3. Choose neutral appliances. Actually, appliances that are tan, grey, or white, tend to be less expensive. The good news is that they also won’t look dated, since they are pretty universal.
  4. Allot room for the refrigerator. Remember to factor in a 1″ minimum of a clearance around the refrigerator as well as the cabinets surrounding it. This is to ensure proper airflow. You’d be surprised at how many people forget to check the door clearance. While it seems obvious, remember to make sure that the door freely opens in the room without hitting anything.
  5. Opt for stainless steel. Just about everyone prefers stainless steel appliances over any other. Not only because they are generally more attractive, but also, the finish resists water and rust and will increase the value of your house.
  6. Top versus bottom freezer refrigerators. Refrigerators with the freezer on the top are less expensive, but refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom do offer the ability to see the refrigerator at eye level which is useful. You’ll have to make the final call. 
  7. Dispensers. Refrigerators that have water and ice dispensers will usually require repairs. On the other hand, fridges with ice in the freezer can be a real pain as they can clog up, and the ice can pour over into the rest of the fridge.
  8. Gas versus electricity. You’ll want to make sure that the stove you choose is convenient and durable. Gas stoves cook food faster, but are more expensive. Electric stoves have a sleek look, making it easier to clean up. However, they are more prone to staining.
  9. Be sure to tailor the room to you. For example, match the dishwasher to your cooking and cleaning habits. If you cook often, you may want to install two dishwashers and two microwaves, and a stovetop with many burners rather than the standard four. You’ll probably want to choose a more expensive dishwasher, too.
  10. Choose the microwave wisely. Microwave powers are measured in watts. A higher watt means more cooking power, but a difference of 100 or 200 watts won’t make a huge difference.
  11. Ventilation hood. It should always be about 3 inches larger than the stove.
  12. Negotiate. Don’t take the first price that the manufacturer or store offers. Buyers who negotiate usually save around a hundred bucks per appliance. Don’t pay more than you have to. However, do your research. Don’t try to haggle someone down on a refrigerator that is priced accurately according to the market.




3 thoughts on “Don’t Ruin the Aesthetics of Your New Kitchen By Choosing the Wrong Appliances

  1. Sam

    I could never have an electric stove. Call me a cooking snob, but I can only cook with gas. It’s actually been a problem between my girlfriend and I every time we rent a new apartment. haha…it can be the BEST apartment in the world, but if it has the wrong stovetop, I’m out. She gets kind of angry.

  2. Sam

    That, my friend, is very true. I think that’s why she goes along with it. She might not get the perfect apartment she wants, but she gets basically gourmet meals every week. I love to cook.


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