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Real Estate Mentoring Program

When you’re just getting started with a new venture, particularly those that revolve around skilled financial investments such as real estate, you have a tendency to make a great deal of errors. Most individuals who develop an interest in real estate investment end up looping from one mistake to another for years, even after devouring… Read More »

3 Red Flags To Look Out For When Buying A Home

We all know that interest rates are still incredibly low. Plus, although they are rising, home prices are still affordable. However, don’t let this lead you into believing that any home purchase is a good one. Yes, we are currently in a buyer’s market. However, you do have to exert due diligence before you buy.… Read More »

How to Select The Best Possible Window Treatments For Your New Home

Transforming your space can be as easy as selecting the right window treatment. And yet, with more options than ever before, selecting the right window treatment for your home can be quite the headache. Here is some information on the different window treatment options to help you decide.  Curtains and Drapes Drapes are beautiful, and they… Read More »